Investment Programs

The cities of Austin, Dallas, Ft Worth, Houston and San Antonio offer some fantastic investment opportunities because of the strong economy and the popularity of the citiesĀ 

We have funded many private loans in these areas so we offer a few different programs to those interested.

Buy and Hold Loan Program

This loan can drop your rate from 12% to as low as 5.5% very fast! Even borrowers that have been rejected by Fannie have qualified for this hard money loan. We will get you approved so that our loan can be transferred to the second lender at a lower interest rate. This is a transfer so there is no second close and therefore no closing costs which will save you thousands of dollars. One of our recent borrowers transferred 6 of our loans and dropped their rate from 12% to 6% in less than 60 days plus they saved over $10,000 in closing costs compared to what they would typically pay in a double close situation.

There is no second appraisal necessary because the conventional lender uses our hard money appraisal which means one appraisal done before you close on hard money loan only. There is no risk of a second appraisal blowing up your fannie loan. Plus you will not be dealing with Fannie or Freddie government red tape because these are local lenders that will answer the calls directly and have the ability to approve without making you submit document after document. The process is very easy and fast!

Our private hard money loan will only cost 2 points if the loan is transferred within 90 days and you can package up to 10 rental properties in this program at as low as 5.5% rate (above and beyond 4 fannie loans). This will result in one low payment on a portfolio of up to 10 properties and the ability to keep growing your passive income stream after fannie says “no more”.

Program Borrower Qualifications:

The following are the qualifications for this particular buy and hold investor program.

  • Minimum mid FICO credit score of 680
  • Third party verifiable taxable income of at least $100,000 annually (from “day job”) or substantial liquid assets
  • Minimum of $100,000 in liquid assets (cash, equities, bonds, 401k, etc)
  • No more than 6 mortgages currently in name of borrower or guaranteed by borrower
  • Desire to carry a single family rental portfolio of at least 3-15 houses

Call us today at and say you are interested in getting preapproved for the VPR program – 866.779.2453

Once you are preapproved (takes 7 days), start building a portfolio of rental properties and see the power of this new program.

Our Hard Money Loan Investor Program for TX

Our unique investor program is available in the metro areas of Dallas, Ft Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. We will lend as much as 95% of the purchase price and 75% of rehab on purchases. Bad credit scores are ok and we can close in as little as 3 days.

Program Highlights

  • No Survey Required
  • All types of residential real estate
  • Approvals within 24 hours
  • Stated income and stated asset programs. No income verification.
  • Competitive private hard money rates: 11.99% interest rate, 3-4 points plus doc fees and no hidden costs or junk fees
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Local office for faster service
  • Sleep better with longer terms. 5 year balloon on all loans!

Call us today at – 866.779.2453 or Apply Online